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After many years of research, information is now available iincluding those pamphlets on the links between Australia and the Civil War as well as duplicates of other titles. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Publication #018, Alphabetical Index for Congressional Medal of Honor winners, 1,218 entries. Extracted from "Deeds of Valor: How America's Civil War Heroes Won The Congressional Medal of Honor" edited by W.F. Beyer and O.F. Keydel which contains recollections by the medal winners as well as a list of those winners not included in the reminiscences. Indexed both by name and also by unit. $10.00.

Publication #019, Alphabetical Index for Confederate Naval and Marine Officers, 1,509 entries. Extracted from (a) Confederate States Navy Register for 1862. (Enquirer Book and Job Press, Richmond, 1862 and (b) Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy of the Confederate States to January 1, 1864. MacFarlane & Fergusson, Printers, Richmond, 1864. (Both of these photocopied registers are from the "Confederate Imprints" on microfilm at the National Library of Australia, Canberra.). $7.00.

Publication #101. List of Civil War Books in Australian Public Libraries (National and Victorian State Library listings, 663 records), 38 pages plus 3 title and introduction pages. $10.00.

Publication #101A. Another just of Victorian State Library Listings is 19 pages, printed April 1993. $8.00.

Publication #102. List of Civil War Books in the National Library of Australia, compiled in June/July 1994 by Kerry Webb, 50 pages approx., printed July 1994. $7.00.

Publication #103, "Florida Confederate Pension Application Index", 88 pages. Printed August 1997, $15.00

Publication #106, Guide to Civil War Records in the Florida State Archives, 14 pages. Extracted from microfiche provided by Terry Foenander. Printed June 1993. $5.00.

Publication #107, Grand Army of the Republic Posts in Nebraska", 7 pages. Printed October 1997, $3.00.

Publication #113, "Index to Naval Enlistments in New Jersey" extracted from the New Jersey Adjutant Generalís Report, printed September 1998, 126 pages.

Publication #118, "Index to Naval Enlistments in New Hampshire" extarcted from the New Hampshire Adjutant Generalís Report, about 7,500 names, including place of birth for foreign enlistees. (temporarily out of print, to be reprinted shortly)

Publication #119 - Index to Naval Enlistments from Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio & Vermont (125,000 entries), available as a zip file from dBase files, $2.00].

Publication #201, "Australia and the American Civil War", approximately 320 pages, printed November 1998, $30.00.

Publication #203, "Confederates Down Under: The Shenandoah in Melbourne", 48 pages plus illustrations. Printed December 2010. $10.00; can also be purchased in PDF format on CD along with additional texts.

Publication #204, A listing of bibliography items pertaining to the Confederate ship "Shenandoah" in the collections of the James Jay Archer Library, 6 pages. Printed September 1993. $5.00.

Publication #205, "Americans Married In Victoria" list of American males married in Victoria with full names of husband and wife, 1866 to 1880's - 8 pages in alphabetical order. Printed September 1993. $5.00.

Publication #206, "Victoria and the Civil War", 63 pages, no illustrations. An extract from the longer work of "Australia and the Civil War". Printed December 1993. $15.00.

Publication #207, "The C.S.S. Shenandoah in Melbourne - Documents from the U.S. Consul's Files" is an extract from "Papers Relating to the Foreign Affairs Accompanying the Annual Message of the President to the First Session, Thirty-ninth Congress", Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1866, relating to the correspondence of William Blanchard, United States Consul in Melbourne, to his superior, William Seward, Secretary of States, relating to all documentation during the visit of the Confederate Warship Shenandoah to Melbourne in January-February 1865, including depositions by crew members, Victorian government extracts, newspaper reports and letters by the Consul. The transcription contains 83 pages, printed March 1994. $17.00.

Publication #208, "The C.S.S Shenandoah in Melbourne - Transcripts of Melbourne Newspaper Articles". Extracted from the "Argus", "Age", "Herald" and "Illustrated Melbourne News" during January to July 1865. 47 pages, printed June 1994. $12.00.

Publication #209, "The C.S.S. Shenandoah in Melbourne - Transcripts of Confederate Officer journals and diaries during the Melbourne visit." Extracted from the memoirs, diaries and journals of those Confederate officers, published and unpublished. 36 pages, printed July 1994. $12.00.

Publication #210, Melbourne and the American Civil War, 42 pages including illustrations, printed September 1994, additional material from "Australia and the Civil War". $10.00.

Publication #211, Australian Born Participants in the Civil War, 18 pages plus cover, printed May 1995, illustrations, material from "Australia and the Civil War". $8.00.

Publication #212, "Ireland, Australia and the American Civil War", 32 pages plus cover, printed January 1995, illustrations, from material in "Australia and the Civil War". $12.00.

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