The American Civil War Round Table of Australia, inc.

The ACWRTA, inc., was formed in 1972 out of members of a Civil War living history/re-enactment group which had been in existence since the mid 1960's. By 1972 it was felt that more purpose would be served for a centre of serious study of the Civil War and particularly its relationship to and with Australia. Now in its third decade, the society has created a history of assistance and support in all aspects of Civil War study as well as a purpose which continues to provide a service to its members as the premier Civil War association in Australia.

The first Civil War Round Table had been formed in Chicago during December 1940 and since then over 200 similar Round Tables have been instituted throughout the U.S. with four groups in England, Canada, Australia and Norway. An umbrella organization, the Civil War Round Table Associates, under the auspices of Jerry Russell, in Little Rock, Arkansas, serves as a central point for the clearing of information and when large-scale publicity is required to be done, all member societies receive the news as it comes to hand.

What is a Round Table?

The idea originated with the purpose that it not be composed entirely of military experts and historians but rather to include men and women whose everyday activities have little connection with academic and formal studies of history. Although there is a wide range in the variety of members for those societies formed in the United States, in all chapters they have similar goals - to learn more about the Civil War. Professional authors and historians rub shoulders with the amateurs; the members of 40 years standing join alongside with the junior members to understand the vast interest in events of the 1860's.

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