The American Civil War Round Table of Australia, inc.

From A Small Beginning

The Australian branch of the Round Table started in 1972 with eight members meeting once a month at various members' houses, the A.C.W.R.T.A. in 1997 has a membership of over 100 people in Australia and a further 20 overseas. There are another 40 associate members and other readers through newsletter exchange means that coverage is maintained for the maximum amount of interest and distribution through the membership. There are members in each of Australia's six states plus Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

A monthly newsletter keeps members informed on new finds of historical importance; academic articles of Civil War history as well as book reviews, trading of items, local news and overseas comment. For more items of an historical nature, a journal was started in 1990 which has received favourable comments from overseas readers. It has now been printed in four issues and grows in statue with each volume. Each year will see additional issues of items within this framework of publication and lead to a reputation of historical research.

Special areas of interest amongst the membership of the American Civil War Round Table of Australia include the study of philately & currency, uniforms, photographs, wargames, weaponry and accoutrements, tactics and battles, music, politics and sociological changes, the woman's role in the Civil War, homefront issues, the naval war and a host of other areas. As diverse as the membership ages and occupations are can be seen in their wide range of interests.

The relationship of Australia and the American Civil War is highlighted with the study of the C.S.S. "Shenandoah" to Melbourne in January/February 1865 as well as to the information currently being researched on those who had been in Australia prior to the war and the veterans who settled in Australia after the war. All information is keenly sought on a variety of topics - books and pamphlets are currently being produced by members of the society.

Updated in May 2000
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