Over a period of the past twenty years a number of very dedicated Civil War researchers have been involved with the search for Civil War buried around Australia and New Zealand. Led by Roy Parker, the efforts of Terry Foenander, Len Traynor, Bob Simpson and I have located almost 100 veterans in the following cemeteries. Thanks to the talents of Ed Milligan of Alexandria, Virginia, the members of the CWRTA and numerous friends, colleagues, associates and those in the many libraries, councils, genealogical societies and such, we are pleased to list the following. Note that most of these have been verified but we still have questions on some - any information will be gratefully received to the address at the bottom of this list.


William Fay, soldier ?

George W. Hoyt, Co H, 28th New York Infantry

William Kenna, railroad engineer, Nashville & Chattanooga railroad

Jacob Hoffman, Co H, 4th New York Cav Rgt/ Co L, 9th New York Cav Rgt
James Riley, Co D, 155th New York Inf Rgt

Francis Cullen, Co C, 13th Louisiana Inf Rgt, CSA / US Regulars, 8th Inf Rgt

Boroondara Cemetery, Kew:
John Quiggin (saw mill operator, St Louis, Missouri)
James Brown Campbell, Major, 6th & 10th New York Art Rgts
Alfred Galen Crawford, Co D, 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Rgt
Frederick Ernest Noble, 7th Indiana Infantry and 20th Indiana Infantry
Charles Gorsuch, Co K, 145th Pennsylvania Inf Rgt

Harry O.B. Lane, Co B, 25th New York Cavalry Regiment
Robert A. Stanley, ?

Samuel McCaul, Co I, 144th New York Infantry
Adoniram Judson Ramsdell, Co M, 1st Mass Cav Rgt; Co M, 4th Mass Cav
James Abner Sherman, USS "Great Western" and USS "Grampus"

William Black Miller, Co D, 26th Penn Inf Rgt, Co C, 99th Penn Inf Rgt, 4th U.S. Regulars

Edwin Swain Heath, Co F, 94th New York Inf Rgt & Co E, 105th New York Inf

Denis Sullivan, Co C, 11th Massachusetts Inf Rgt

James Brown: USS "Massachusetts", USS "Vanderbilt", USS "Pensacola", USS "Vermont", USS "Buckthorne"
James Cuming, businessman in Maine at outbreak of war
Charles Sylvester Brown, ?

James Alexander Fleet, ?

James William Sibley, Assistant Surgeon, 95th New York Infantry

Andrew Fulton, blockade runner, vessel not known

Duncan McEachern, 13th Massachusetts Light Art Bty

James McIlrath, ?

Theodore Laurent Hazelman, USS "North Carolina" and USS "Fort Jackson"; also as Theodore Haselman, Co F, 8th Florida Infantry, CSA
Thomas M. Davis, possible veteran.

Lang Lang:
Henry Wildes, ?

Thomas Gardiner

Robert King, ?

Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton:
Michael Bennett, Co H, 56th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
Patrick Downing, ?
Elisha C. Elliott, US Navy, Mexican War.
William Kenyon, CSS "Shenandoah"
Henry Lainson, (not confirmed but certainly 4th U.S. Artillery as James Nash, post war)
Hugh McCormick, Co E, 4th New York Artillery Regiment
Jeremiah Mitchell, US Navy, possibly USS "Farallones", "Lancaster", Narragansett" and "Squando".
Mortimer S. Porter, US Navy, USS "Albatross"
Frederick Schirmeier, Co E, 9th Illinois Infantry Regiment
Henry Solomon-Thompson, Co K, 10th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
B. Franklin Hean, Brevet Major, 93rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
Thomas L. Stanford (brother of Leland Stanford, builder of Stanford University in San Francisco, governor of California during Civil War, 1861-1863)

Mitta Mitta:
William Caldwell, Co B, 3rd Connecticut Infantry

Charles H. Bristol, 2nd Connecticut Inf; 15th Connecticut Inf

St Arnaud:
John Corneille Smith, Union army, supposed links with Florida.

St Kilda:
C.T. Manderville, Victorian Navy, had been in the Royal Navy, "Barracouta" and witnessed Farragut in New Orleans

John Clark, blockade runner.

Charles Henry Hill ?

Wonthaggi: Charles Gammage, Co K, 15th Massachusetts Inf Rgt

Yarragon: John Graydon, ?

Yea: Michael Brennan, not the one in the 155th New York Infantry


William Jean Schwalbach, Co D, 25th New York Cavalry Regiment

Jackson Clark, ?

William Speakman Potts, Co C, 4th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, Co B, 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

George Johnston Fairweather, Co A, 4th Maine Inf Rgt; 19th Maine Inf

John Mooney, 4th Alabama Reserves Infantry Regiment, CSA
Clark Irving, blockade runner

Frank Stevens Flint, Co D, 5th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment

John Darling Huntress, still to be confirmed

East Maitland:
Charles Witt, Co E, 1st Washington Territory Infantry Regiment

John Keon, Co D, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, CSA; Co un, 7th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, CSA

Five Dock, Sydney:
James Meehan, US Marine Corps

Thomas Mason Francis, USS "Colorado", USS "Howland"

Gore Hill, Sydney:
George Washington Bell, Co B, 64th Illinois Infantry Regiment
Thomas Gray Redmond, Knapp's Independent Battery Pennsylvania Artillery

William H. Sheppard, Co H, 142nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

George Robert Scott, Co D, 3rd California Infantry Regiment

John Wilson (or John Hanna); USS "Memphis", "North Carolina"; as Hanna in Co D, 36th Alabama Infantry, CSA
James Logan, Co B, 124th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
Murtha Doyle, USS "Union", Co A, 8th US Regular Infantry Regiment, [St Lukes Pioneer Memorial Cemetery]

Newcastle (Hamilton or possibly Sandgate): John J. Williams, Co K, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Charles Lee Morris buried in Sandgate, also in Newcastle, possible veteran

Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney:
George Wilson Edwards, Co I, 25th New York Cavalry Regiment

Patrick Power, Co B, 15th West Virginia Infantry Regiment

Rookwood, Sydney:
Samuel Crombie Brown, Co B, 61st Massachusetts Infantry
William Edward Bloomer, USS "Wissahickon"
John A. Campbell, Co G, 19th Indiana Infantry Regiment
Francis Cusack, Co A, 11th New York Cav Rgt
William Dingaran, Co D, 3rd Rhode Island Vol Hvy Art Rgt
Augustus George Hance Graham, Co E, 41st New York Infantry (listed in rosters as George Graham)
Michael Grogan, Co K, 24th Massachusetts Inf Rgt
Karl F. Hall, Co K, 14th Maine Inf Rgt
Martin Peter Hansen, Co F, 88th Illinois Infantry Regiment
Robert Hughes, USS "Cowslip", USS "Fearnot"
John Richard Hunt, Co E, 30th New Jersey Inf Rgt
Richard Jones, Co F, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry
James Petigru Lesesne, South Carolina Military Academy Cadet, CSA
Silas Lyon Moffett, USS "North Carolina", USS "Vanderbilt"
William Richardson, engineer, USS "Flambeau" and "Vermont"
Isaac Putnam Smith, Co G, 84th New York Inf Rgt
William Lloyd Osborne, ?
Ralph Mawdsley
Francis Fitley
George Phillips
John Sherman
Andrew George Scott (although doubtful)

Ryde, Field of Mars:
Pliny William Wise, USS "Morse", "Ohio" and "Wissahickon"

Charles Lee Morris

South Head Cemetery, Sydney:
Patrick Thornton, USS "Corypheus", USS "North Carolina", USS "Stockdale"; Co D, 36th New York Inf Rgt
Zenus Crane Rennie, Co I, 49th Massachusetts Inf Rgt

James Burns Shaw, Co K, 39th Illinois Inf Rgt; Co K, 29th Michigan Inf
John Solomon-Thompson, Co K, 10th Massachusetts Inf Rgt
Phineas Solomon-Thompson, Co D, 178th New York Inf Rgt
James Jeffress, 2nd Mississippi Cav Rgt, CSA
Edward John Brady, Co B, 12th New York Militia Regiment
Andrew Jackson Remshard, Co K, 18th Pennsylvania Inf Regt; Bty E, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery; Co A, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry (Collis' Independent Company of Zouaves D'Afriques)
Charles W. Sherman, Co F, 116th New York Inf Rgt
William E. Sheridan, Co E, 6th Ohio Inf Rgt
William Nutting Tuttle, 1st California Battalion of Mountaineers
Elizabeth Knife, nurse
Edmund O'Malley, ?

Andrew H. Kinross, Co A, 21st Missouri Inf; Co H, 24th Missouri Inf


Adam Edward Walsh, USS "Brandywine", USS "Chocura"

Solomon Bradford, Co H 79th New York Infantry

Dunwich, Brisbane:
Frederich D. Macomber, Co F, 1st Rhode Island Vol Light Art Rgt
Edward Charles Wright Osborne, Co B, 47th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

Mount Morgan:
Samuel Burr Sherwood Bissell, USS "Agawam", "Arizona", "Juniata" & "Shenandoah"

James Latimer, Co I, 36th Missouri Militia Inf Rgt

William Woolworth, ??? [now should be Frederick Henry Woolworth, naval enlistment from Connecticut, not known where or when died or buried]

South Rockhampton
Palle de Rosencrantz, Major, 4th New York Cavalry

William Waters, USS "Princeton", USS "Kansas"

Joseph Bolles: Whaling boat "Waverley" (victim of "Shenandoah")

Stewart W. King, ? [no Stewart or Stuart King in Civil War databases currently searched]


Joseph Cresp (also as Peter Martyn), Co B, 22nd Massachusetts Inf Rgt; also U.S.S. "New Hampshire", USS "North Carolina", USS "Vermont"

Edward Jennings, Bty D, 1st Regt Pennsylvania Light Artillery; Co A, 33rd Pennsylvania Militia Regiment
Albert McArthur (as Arthur McArthur Godden), Co G, 48th New York Infantry Regiment
Carl Rudolph Alexander Miethke, Co G, 2nd California Infantry

Murray Bridge:
John Lester, 28th Massachusetts Infantry and USS "James Adger"

Port Pirie:
James Cawte, ?
Henry Edward Glanville, USS "North Carolina", "Pembina", "Princeton", "Saratoga"; 84th New York Infantry & 5th New York Veteran Infantry

West Terrace, North Adelaide:
Frederick O.G. Fincke, USS "Cayuga"
James Burridge, 33rd Independent Battery of New York Artillery

James Martin Wissell, ?
Henry Kirk White Hoyt, ?


Charles Baker, ?

Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart:
James Francis Waters, USS "Independence"; USS "Jamestown"; USS "Lilac"; USS "Minnesota", USS "North Carolina", USS "Pensacola", USS "Princeton", USS "Sawanee", USS "Vanderbilt"

John Francis Johnston, ?

Henry Wells, Co's B and A, 69th Indiana Infantry Regiment


William McBride, ?

East Perth:
John Joseph Davies, ?
Netterville Rutledge Davies, ?

Edward Francis Stanley - US Navy, USS "Princeton", USS "Santiago de Cuba" and "Monongahela", alias Frank Lawrence


Andrews A. St. John, Corporal, Company B, 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers, buried Waikumete Cemetery

William Sanderson, US Navy, USS "Herbert", "Jacob Bell", "North Carolina" and "Resolute", buried Mangapai

Charles WIlliam Flowers, Private, Company K, 21st Ohio Infantry.

Any further information you have on these people would be appreciated and any enquiries can be directed to the author
Barry Crompton
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Victoria, 3204
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